Rosa & Grace Fae’s Incredible Shoot

Stunning twin sisters Grace Fae and Rosa really took to their roles as dominatrix in our latest shoot. As well as shooting stills and video individually the pair joined forces for a superb double set too! Could you handle this pair, together?

Mistresses Rosa & Grace Fae Looking in Control


Plus a couple of short samples from their videos

To get your hands on a full-length HD copy of Grace’s Wet & Wild video – click here.

If you enjoyed that clip, then get the full version here.

Plus a couple of incredible stills sets from each on their own.

Rosa in wetlook leggings and PVC bra.

Rosa in wetlook dress and thigh-high leather boots.

Grace Fae in leather corset, mini-skirt and thigh-high boots.

And Grace in buckle-up PVC top and black hold-ups.

To see their FULL SETS and purchase on-line – visit the Domme Desire Image Store.

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